Murano is the second largest island in the Venetian Lagoon, after Venice. Currently, it has 7,000 inhabitants and it is world-renowned for its glassware, attracting millions of tourists every year.

Murano is not only the Glass Island, it also houses one of the oldest churches in the lagoon called the Basilica of Santa Maria and San Donato.

Glass Factories

Although glass-making has taken place in Murano for centuries, it's still to this day the island’s principal industry. For this reason, tourists will normally be asked and led to visit one of the numerous glass factories in the small town. In Murano, many century-old techniques are still used, so watching the artisans work is a pretty unique experience. This said, after discovering how the glass is made, you'll be guided into the factory’s shop in case you want to purchase any of the items.

The Murano Glass Museum

If you fancy seeing more glassware, you can visit the Murano Glass Museum with over 4,000 objects, including Phoenician flasks, goblets, mirrors, and kaleidoscope beads. The most spectacular item is a chandelier that weighs 330 kilos (727 Ibs).

Getting to Murano

The best options from Venice to Murano are the following:

Keep in mind

Murano might not be as beautiful as Burano or as surprising as Torcello, but it's an island to keep in mind if you're thinking of exploring Venice’s surroundings. Another perk is that it's extremely close to Venice.