Medical Insurance

Before heading to Venice you should make sure you're covered against any unfortunate accidents that could occur. Discover how Italian healthcare works, and compare the different kinds of insurance.

When planning your trip, you're never sure what might happen when you get to your destination. Therefore it's always a good idea to take out travel insurance, so you can travel in peace and avoid any unfortunate events that might ruin your trip.

Pre-Existing Insurance

Before taking out insurance for your trip to Venice, we recommend that you check the insurance you already have: sometimes your car or home insurance can include medical cover for your trip to Venice.

Another alternative is to check the insurance that your credit card provider offers. Often, if you've paid for your flight to Venice with a credit card, some insurance will be included.

How to take out travel insurance

Being covered by insurance is essential so you can travel with peace of mind. Here at Civitatis, we offer complete medical insurance, starting at only 9 (US$ 9.80).