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Where to stay in Venice

Finding accommodation in Venice which is good, attractive and affordable is a difficult task. The first two are easy enough to obtain, it’s the last that requires greater effort, since inexpensive hotels, bed and breakfasts and apartments are rare in Venice.

Best areas to stay in Venice

Accommodation in Venice: Palazzos which are now hotels
Many of the hotels in Venice are Palazzos

If you are not traveling on a budget, we recommend finding a hotel on the island of Venice.

On the island, the best neighborhood to stay in is San Marco, and the closer you are to Piazza San Marco the better. This said, Venice is a very small enclave and all the sestieri (districts in Italian), attractions, monuments and museums are relatively close to each other. Thus, Castello, Dorsoduro, San Polo and the east of Cannaregio are also good areas to find a hotel or apartment.

If you are not keen on spending too much money on accommodation, Lido in summer is a great option, and the daily ride in vaporetto to Venice is refreshing and enjoyable. Another good option is Mestre, which has a direct train to Venezia Santa Lucia railway station.

Hotels in Venice

To find the best deals we recommend our search engine where you’ll find the best accommodation rates guaranteed and discounts of up to 75%:

Apartments in Venice

Serviced apartments have become more and more popular and they are a great option if you’re traveling with your family or with a large group of friends or plan on staying for over a week in Venice. To find the best selection, we recommend checking our search engine:

Hostels in Venice

In Venice, hostels and hotels have very similar prices and you shouldn’t be surprised to find that some hostels are even more expensive than an average hotel. To find a cheap room, you will either have to share a room or travel with a large group of friends.

Recommended sites for booking hostels:

Campsites in Venice

Campsites exist in Venice! The only disadvantage is that they are all on the mainland, approximately 6 – 12 miles (10 – 12 km) from the city center, so you will need a car or public transport to get to Venice. These campsites are relatively cheap, but we recommend checking out their official websites to see prices and availability:

Campsites in Venice: