Sestieri of Venice

From its foundation, Venice has been divided into six neighborhoods, known in Italian as sestieri (singular sestiere).

Distritos de Venecia: Sestieri
Neighborhoods of Venice: Sestieri

From its foundation, Venice has been divided into six neighbourhoods, known in Italian as sestieri (singular sestiere).

A charming chaos

Each sestiere has its own number consisting of four digits. This peculiar system makes it sometimes challenging to find your way around Venice.

Sometimes you can find two buildings with the same number not far from each other, but each belonging to a different district.

The six sestieri of Venice

San Marco

The district of San Marco in Venice is named after the city’s patron saint, and is without a doubt the heart of Venice. Discover its streets and squares.

San Polo

Established near the Rialto Bridge, San Polo is Venice’s smallest district and one of the oldest in the city. Discover what there is to do in San Polo.


The district of Dorsoduro is located in the southeast part of Venice and includes Giudecca island. It is a cool and trendy area full of students.


Several notable Italians lived in Cannaregio throughout the various centuries including Marco Polo, Titian or Tintoretto. Discover the best things to do.


Castello is Venice’s largest neighborhood. It includes the tourist area that surrounds the Doge's Palace and an ancient shipyard.

Santa Croce

Santa Croce and especially the east part of the district is one of the humblest areas of Venice. It is the only part of the island in which cars can travel