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General Information about Venice

What clothes should I pack? Should I buy an Italian dictionary? Is Venice very expensive? To give you answers to your doubts, we have written a list of the most frequently asked questions and our observations about Venice. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Documentacion necesaria What documents are necessary to travel to Italy and Venice? What countries need a visa to enter Italy?  
  • Días festivos en Venecia What public holidays do they have in Italy and Venice? When do the museums and monuments close in Venice? What are the best observances in Venice?
  • Tiempo en Venecia What are the weather averages in Venice? When is the best time to visit the city? Is it very cold during the Carnival?
  • Precios en Venecia What are the average daily costs in Venice? Is it expensive to eat out? How much money do I have to put aside for the trip to Venice?
  • Idioma en Venecia Will I be able to get by in English in Venice? What are the basic phrases and words in Italian? Will they understand me in the restaurants? 
  • Horario comercial en Venecia When do the shops open in Venice? Are the stores open every day of the week?
  • Venecia para personas con movilidad reducida Is it possible to visit Venice for physically-challenged people? Are the hotels well prepared? Are the tourist attractions accessible?

More information

Venice facts & figures

Information about Venice, pier
Pier at dusk

Venice has over 260,000 inhabitants.

Travel Advice

If you are from the EU, you will only need a passport or an identity card to enter Italy.

Security and crime

Venice is a very safe city, but we recommend always keeping an eye on your purse or wallet, as there are pickpockets in the city center, especially in the most touristy areas.

Important telephone numbers

  • Emergencies: 113
  • Sanitary emergencies: 118
  • Carabinieri: 112
  • Area code for Venice: 041
  • Italy country code: +39