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Burano is an island in the Lagoon of Venice. It is located to the north of Venice, very near Torcello, and is famous for its lacemaking.

Burano's colourful houses

The island with about 4,000 inhabitants has a curious leaning bell tower that is visible from a distance.

Burano has become one of the most visited islands for its colourful houses. Every so often, it is compulsory for the neighbours to paint the façades of their homes and they are not allowed to choose the colour, but are notified of the specific chromaticity according to where their residence is located. A legend is told that the houses were painted with bright and cheerful colours so that the sailors could see them on the gloomy and foggy days.

How to get to Burano?

The easiest ways of getting to Burano from Venice are the following:

  • Public transport: Take the Water Bus LN from Fondamenta Nuovo or San Zaccaria. The journey takes 45 minutes approximately.
  • English-speaking guided tour: For just 20€ per person, you can book an English-speaking guided tour of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Definitely worthwhile

Visitors will only need one or two hours to visit Burano, since it is a very small island. If you want to keep on exploring the Venetian Lagoon and its islands, we suggest taking a vaporetto to Torcello once you have visited the island of Burano.


Located 7 km north of Venice.


Burano, location map

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