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Best Day Trips from Venice

If you are planning on staying in Venice for over a weekend, we recommend visiting not only the city’s top attractions, but also the Venetian Lagoon Islands and other remarkable nearby cities.

Venetian Lagoon Islands

  • Murano Murano is the closest island to Venice and is renowned worldwide for its glass-making. This pretty island is worth discovering to see how the artisans create beautiful glass items.  
  • Burano The island of Burano is famous for its colourful houses. It is a fantastic place to explore and it is not very far from Venice.
  • Torcello Torcello was once the largest town in the Republic of Venice with over 20,000 inhabitants. Now it is sparsely populated with a brilliant past.
  • Lido Lido di Venezia is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in the north of Italy. It has a long sandbar for people to sunbathe in. We recommend visiting the casino and its beaches.

Cities near Venice

  • Padua Padua, Padova in Italian, is a small city located 23 miles (37 km) to the west of Venice. It is home to the second-oldest university and one of the most important in Italy. You can visit the city in one morning or afternoon, so we recommend combining it with another city or island.
  • Verona Verona is one of the most popular and beautiful cities in Italy. The “city of love” houses the Torre dei Lamberti and the Verona Arena. It is a great place for a weekend break or for a day-trip.