Fun facts about Venice

Fun facts about Venice

Venice is an unusual city in of itself, but if you really dig into its day to day life and history, you'll see the details that really make it unique.


Acqua Alta

The Acqua Alta is the phenomenon by which Venice is flooded temporarily various times a year. Some tourists find this anomaly very exciting.

Livio de Marchi Gallery

Livio de Marchi, also known as the Carpenter of Venice, is one of the most curious artists born in Venice.

Church of San Barnaba

If you are a fan of Indiana Jones and have seen “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, you will enjoy visiting San Barnaba, its imaginary library.

Ponte dei Pugni

The Ponte dei Pugni is one of the most famous bridges in Venice thanks to its unusual history. Discover all the details of the Bridge of Fists.