Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma

Piazzale Roma is a large square where the Ponte della Libertà ends and where the central bus station is in Venice.

Piazzale Roma is a large square located at the end of the Ponte della Libertà and at the entrance of Venice. It is one of the only places in the city center that is accessible to cars and buses. 

The Piazzale is not particularly interesting for tourists, but it is important since it is the city’s main bus station. If you fly to Venice and land in Marco Polo Airport or Treviso Airport and take a bus to the heart of the city, you will arrive in this square. Moreover, if you are staying in Mestre, the bus to Venice will always drop you off in this piazzale. 

Piazzale Roma to Venice

Piazzale Roma is very close to Venezia Santa Lucia railway station and it also has its own water bus stop.

From this vaporetto stop, travelers will be able to take a water bus to several parts of the city center or to other islands like Murano and Lido.