Map of Venice - Ponte dei Pugni

Map of Venice - Ponte dei Pugni

Volver a: Ponte dei Pugni

Map information

In our map of Venice you can find out where the main attractions, monuments, museums, squares and churches of the city are. By clicking on each icon you will discover which ones they are.

When you print out the map once, you’ll see that the numbers of the icon coincide with the numbers of the attractions, this way you’ll know what icon represents what attraction.

Download the main attractions

If you want to include our attractions on your Google maps or on Google Earth, click here to download the file in KML format. You can add the POIs by downloading these applications.

How to print the map?

To print the map of $ciudad you will have to have the latest version of your browser. It is possible that the latest version of Google Maps does not allow you to print if you use an old version. To display all the elements, go to the Menu, Configure Page and you will have to choose the option "Print background images".

Map elements Venice interactive

A very easy to use map:

See information on the different attractions: by clicking on the coloured elements.
Interact with the map: by moving the mouse or by using the arrows on the map.
Zoom in on the map: by clicking on the + button or by double clicking on the left button of the mouse.
Zoom out on the map ofVenice : by clicking on the - button or by double clicking on the right button of the mouse.