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Curiosities about Venice

Venice is a beautifully unusual city packed with curiosities. If you read about the city’s history and daily life and customs, you will come across some extremely curious facts:

  • El Acqua Alta What is the Acqua Alta phenomenon? When does it take place? Discover why this curious phenomenon takes place several times a year and how the locals coexist with this rare occurrence.
  • Taller de Livio de Marchi Livio de Marchi, also known as the Carpenter of Venice, is one of the most curious artists born in Venice. He has a gallery which you can visit to see his unusual works of art.
  • Biblioteca de Indiana Jones y la Última Cruzada Who hasn’t seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Who hasn’t wished to see the film’s original settings? In Venice, you can visit the Church of San Barnaba that was chosen as the setting of the imaginary Venetian library.
  • Ponte dei Pugni The Ponte dei Pugni is one of the most famous bridges in Venice thanks to its curious history. Rival clans would fight against each other and the goal was for their adversary to fall into the water.